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From its settlement in 1824 to 1954 the Property was farmed and selectively logged by several generations of the Cassidy Family, who built a substantial home and barn complex. A small one room church was built on the Property in 1883. It still stands on land deeded to the United Church of Canada.

Farming on the Property ended in 1954 when the last member of the Cassidy Family to reside there moved away. However, a portion of it continued to be cleared of hay for almost 20 years after. No one has resided on the Property since 1954.

The Cassidy Family home and barn were destroyed by fire in the early 1970s and haying operations ceased. This allowed the Property to rapidly return to its present forested condition. The result of this evolution  is the site is now a beautiful forested area, highly desirable for both forest and water-based activities.

Camp Cassidy is a registered charitable organization whose mission is to develop and operate the wellness centre and recreational facility and programs at the Property.
Cassidy Lake is located in the rolling hills of the Caledonia Highlands in south central New Brunswick. It is twenty kilometers southwest of Sussex, and eight kilometers southeast of the village of Norton.

Interested parties are invited to contact Camp Cassidy to learn more about participating in the Action Plan to develop Camp Cassidy.