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Meet Our Team

Lloyd Chambers-DirectorGreg Gardner- DirectorPeter Jarvis- DirectorGary Ley- DirectorTravis Noftell- Site Manager

John Ormiston-DirectorNicola Cassidy-DirectorMadeleine Cassidy-DirectorEric Cassidy-DirectorPaul Cassidy-Director

Lloyd Chambers-Director

With four generations of military service in his family, Lloyd is an active member of the 37th Combat Engineer Regiment Reserves in New Brunswick. As a successful local businessman he has a long history of community involvement and service. He is passionate about furthering the vision and initiatives of Camp Cassidy.

Greg Gardner-Director

Greg has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2019. He utilizes the leadership skills he gained as a financial executive for many years at a leading Canadian shipping terminal company to help guide the Camp’s operations and development. Greg is the proud father of a son who served in the Canadian Armed Forces for several years after graduation from the Royal Military College (RMC).

Peter Jarvis-Director

Peter is a graduate of RMC who trained and served in the RCN and Naval Reserve. He went on to a career as a corporate executive and legal counsel in the Canadian natural resource, aerospace and business consulting sectors. He has a particular interest in mental health issues affecting military and first responder personnel and their families and he is the proud father of a son who also is an RMC graduate and who served as a Combat Engineer. Peter has been a board member since 2019.

Gary Ley-Director

A Member of the Board of Directors since 2019, Gary is a leading Canadian communications and public affairs consultant to a variety of Canadian industries. He has a special interest in the development of Camp Cassidy as a facility dedicated to Canada’s Military and First Responder families.

Travis Noftell RPF-Site Manager

Through his role as the Silviculture Manager at the SNB Forest Products Marketing Board, Travis manages the development and maintenance of the many unique features of the Camp property. As a Registered Professional Forester hailing from Southern New Brunswick, Travis has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the property and the surrounding area. First introduced to the property in 2017, Travis began monitoring the property’s woodlot and then later designed the Camp’s hiking trail. In 2019 he supervised the work carried out by the 37th Combat Engineer Regiment Reserves of the Canadian Army to help build the trail.  

John Ormiston-Director

With family roots in the Navy and in Nova Scotia, and as a former member of the Merchant Navy, John supports the Camp by using his experience gained as a partner in leading Canadian and international accounting firms. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2019.

Nicola Cassidy-Director

As a native New Brunswicker with family ties to the military and RCMP, Nicola uses the creative and administrative skills gained in her career as a university human resources professional to help support Camp Cassidy. Her volunteer and community involvement experience align with the goals of the Camp to provide a caring and unique place in the Atlantic Provinces for a very special group.

Madeleine Cassidy-Director

Madeleine has used the skills gained in her career as a small business woman to help guide the Camp as a Member of the Board of Directors since 2019. While living and working across Canada “Maddy” has always cherished her Maritime family roots, and has been a passionate supporter of the Camp since she was a teenager.

Eric Cassidy-Director
A life long resident of New Brunswick, Eric Cassidy provides valuable insight into the logistical aspects of Camp Cassidy.  His considerable experience in working with the general public and his knowledge of the importance of physical activity and wellness allows him to provide the Camp with a unique skill set to ensure our vision is met.

Paul Cassidy-Director

Born, raised and educated in New Brunswick, with both grandfathers having served in the Military and several relatives in the RCMP, Paul completed a career working throughout Canada as an environmental lawyer to focus on developing Camp Cassidy as a special place for active and retired Military and First Responder personnel and their families in the Atlantic Provinces.