Privacy Policy

Camp Cassidy Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to Camp Cassidy. The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to tell you about how any why we collect, use, and share your personal information when you use our website, including to make a reservation to use our facility, and join us as a guest.

Information We Collect (and Do Not Collect) and How We Use It

We only use personal information to operate Camp Cassidy, including our website, or where otherwise legally required or allowed.

  1. Contact information, such as name, address, telephone number and email address. We use contact information to communicate with you about your booking and stay and otherwise manage your reservation. We also collect your emergency contact information for use in case of an emergency, and we ask that you please get the consent of your emergency contact before providing their information. If we offer a newsletter and you sign up, we will use your email to send you the newsletter.
  2. Date of birth, which we use to determine if minors are on the facility grounds, as they must be accompanied at all times by adults.
  3. Self-reported affiliation with a military or first responder organization, which we use to verify your eligibility to stay at Camp Cassidy.
  4. Similar information about other members of your family or group, which you should only provide with their consent. Please do not provide us with identifying information about individuals age 13 and younger.

Military/First Responder Identification:

You must complete our website registration form to use our facility, and when you do so we will ask you to verify that you are a member (or a family member) of a military or first responder organization or a veteran or retiree of such an organization. However, we do not collect official military and first responder identification or proof of employment on our website. On arrival, you may be asked to show proof of your affiliation to the military or your first responder organization to a Camp Cassidy staff member. We do not record or retain this information.

On-Site Services:

You may use on-site services, such as therapy or counselling sessions, which may require the collection and use of personal information. The collection and use of such personal information is between you and the service provider, and we ask that you do not provide us with that personal information.

Sharing with Third Parties and Where Legally Required

We have service providers who help us to operate the website, manage camp bookings, and send emails. They may handle your personal information on our behalf. They are not allowed to use your personal information except to support us. Some of them may be in the United States, which does mean that US law enforcement may compel production of your personal information.

We will also use and disclose your personal information where we believe it is legally required, such as if we are served with a court order compelling disclosure to law enforcement.

Information Retention and Security

We have standard security measures in place to protect your personal information and deliberately try to collect as little of your personal information as possible.

After your stay, we will retain your personal information for up to two years to maintain a record of your stay and then delete it, except where the law requires us to retain it for longer.

If we believe a security breach has affected your personal information that is under our control, and such breach creates a real risk of significant harm to you, we will investigate the situation and, where appropriate, notify you. We will take all other steps which we believe are appropriate or legally required.

Contact Information

Our Camp Administrator deals with all requests, questions, and concerns related to this Privacy Notice, including requests to access, correct, or delete your personal information. Our Camp Administrator can be reached at