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Visiting Camp Cassidy

Military and first responder families in the Atlantic Provinces generally have access to outdoor recreational venues, as many communities are in relatively close proximity to rural areas with forests, lakes, rivers, ocean shores, etc.

Military and first response families also have access to public facilities such as provincial and national parks, but it is on the same terms as provided to the general population i.e. there is generally no access to these facilities reserved solely for them. Further, provincial and national parks often charge various fees, which for some families can be cost-prohibitive, even with discounts, when considering the overall family budget.

By providing top notch wellness programs and outdoor recreation opportunities and facilities available solely for military and first response families at little or, preferably, no cost to them, Camp Cassidy will provide an important and rare opportunity to meet the unique needs of these special Canadians.

Things to do at Camp Cassidy

  • Hiking (walk or run) our professionally designed 3.2 km looped trail, proudly built by CAF Reservists
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Fishing


Portable toilet on site


The Hiking Trail

 A 3.2 km looped hiking trail, professionally designed, and proudly built by CAF Reservists.

The trail affords full access to all features of the property and provides Camp users with a family oriented or individual recreational opportunity.

The Gathering Place

The Cassidy Family Chapel, built in 1883, has been restored to serve as a secular facility for wellness meetings and camp administration.

Camp Cassidy

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