Volunteering at Camp Cassidy

We welcome volunteers to help us maintain and develop our facilities and programs!

You can reach out to us at admin@campcassidy.ca to let us know you want to volunteer, what your interests or skills are and we will be happy to get back to you with ideas on our needs and what you can do to help.

Here are some examples of how you can help us:

  • Build our Labyrinth
  • Groom, clear and expand our Three Bridges Trail
  • Collect flora and fauna data to help us identify species of interest (and post information signs)
  • Care for our community cemetery tombstones
  • Prune our Heritage Apple Orchard trees
  • Build more viewing/resting benches along our Trail
  • Pick up refuse/litter
  • Clear small areas near our streams for enhanced viewing opportunities
  • Refresh property boundary marking
  • Manage and organize our site signage
  • Camp administration
  • Program Development
  • Group Tour Guides