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Events at Camp Cassidy


Camp Cassidy honours veterans with hiking trail bridge Dedication Ceremonies

June 2023  


Two hiking trail bridges at Camp Cassidy were named in honour of military veterans at very emotional Dedication Ceremonies held at the Camp in June, 2023.


On June 9th the MacNaughton Bridge was dedicated to Major Archie MacNaughton from Black River Ridge, N.B., a veteran of both the First and Second World Wars. He was fatally wounded on D-Day while leading his men in battle. A very poignant Heritage Minute of his life and sacrifice can be found here:  Several of Major MacNaughton’s descendants attended the touching ceremony.


On June 10th a Dedication Ceremony was held to name the Seeley Bridge in honour of Sgt. Michael Seeley.  Born in Fredericton, NB and a member of the Eel Bar First Nation (Mi’kmaq), Sgt. Seeley served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the US Army and the US Marines until he was fatally wounded while serving in Iraq in 2006 at the age of 27. Sgt. Seeley’s mother, aunt and other family members were in attendance.

The MacNaughton and Seeley Bridges are part of the Camp Cassidy hiking trails which cross several beautiful streams within the property.  The professionally designed trails and the Camp’s other amenities are reserved for the exclusive use of active and retired military and first responder personnel and their immediate families.  Members of these groups are welcome to enjoy the Camp anytime during daylight hours between the Victoria Day and Thanksgiving weekends, at no cost. 






Camp Cassidy Extends Grateful Thanks to Ron Anaka and Canadian Tire Corporation for Their Generous Donation and Strong Support

July 20, 2023. 

Camp Cassidy, a charitable organization providing recreational and wellness services to military and first responder personnel and their families, is delighted to extend its sincerest gratitude to Ron Anaka, and his Canadian Tire Store in Bridgewater, N.S. for their exceptional donation and strong support towards the enhancement of our recreational facility and wellness centre. 

With an unwavering commitment to serving those who have served our nation, Camp Cassidy has been striving to create a haven of rejuvenation and support for our valued military and first responder communities. We take immense pleasure in recognizing the invaluable contributions of Ron Anaka and Canadian Tire Corporation in helping us achieve our mission.

This generous donation will play a pivotal role in empowering Camp Cassidy to enhance its amenities, ensuring a holistic recreational experience for our esteemed visitors. The funds will be utilized to further develop and maintain the Camp's 150-acre waterfront property at Cassidy Lake, New Brunswick, as well as to improve existing facilities and create new opportunities for relaxation, wellness, and personal growth.

Furthermore, the donation will help the expansion of the Camp’s 3.2 km professionally designed hiking trail, meandering through our breathtaking forest and enchanting streams, offering our visitors moments of serenity and appreciation for nature's beauty.

Camp Cassidy's commitment to supporting active and retired military and first responder personnel and their families remains unwavering. Thanks to the benevolence of Ron Anaka and Canadian Tire Corporation, members of these esteemed groups can enjoy complimentary access to the Camp's facilities, including the newly established amenities, during daylight hours between Victoria Day and Thanksgiving weekends.

"We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ron and Canadian Tire Corporation for their remarkable generosity and strong support," said Nicola Cassidy, a Director of Camp Cassidy. "Their belief in our mission has allowed us to create an environment of healing and relaxation, where our military and first responder communities can find solace and strength."




Camp Cassidy is a registered charitable organization whose mission is to develop and operate the outdoor recreational facility and wellness centre at the Property.

Cassidy Lake is located in the rolling hills of the Caledonia Highlands in south central New Brunswick. It is twenty kilometers southwest of Sussex, and eight kilometers southeast of the village of Norton.

Interested parties are invited to contact Camp Cassidy to learn more about participating in the Action Plan to develop Camp Cassidy.